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Multi variant app, Telegram x, serves as an alternative to the famous app Telegram. Telegram x mod APK provides many similar as well as many variable features as compared to Telegram, Telegram mod Apk premium unlocked versions. Telegram,  a cross platform instant messaging service, launched for iOS on August 14, 2013 and for Android in October,2013. A complete package for all its users, Telegram pro mod APK provides all the instant liabilities to its users under one umbrella.

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An app released just 10 years ago,Telegram x,  is a massive success throughout the entire world with its 100 million +  active users and 4.2  rating and 616k positive reviews. . Above all, easily available on App store and Playstore as well. Licensed by Telegram FZ-LLC. Having a file size of 27.44 MB, Telegram x mod APK unlocked acts as a real pro with worth checking features and is like a dessert after a complete meal when compared to all the other versions of Telegram app.

Telegram X unique amalgam of speed, faster performance, different messaging experience, user friendly interface with a lot of colorful variations and a feast like theme customization options. Hasn’t it a thorough package in minimum space?. It also doesn’t have any ads, so users can use all of the features without any interruptions. Being the pro edition of Telegram, it gives users unlimited access to all of the program’s premium features.

Telegram is  no doubt best performing app with communication experience at a higher level but sometimes it feels bulky on some devices .On the other hand, Telegram X is known for its smoother animations and faster feel compared to the original Telegram app.

In this trend changing world of today, older designs and layouts soon become out of the sight and passivize the user. Telegram app and its other premium versions use similar calls and chats display in same tab with nothing varied. In contrast, Telegram x  mod apk nurtures  a cleaner, streamlined interface. Calls have a dedicated tab, and overall navigation feels smoother with faster animations. It also provides more customization options like night mode themes and potentially advanced gestures

Telegram is fit for the users who want limited customized options with old layout and classical interface. With calls and chats in similar display, Telegram app gives option to color your own canvas. Telegram x mod APK  deserves praise for its different and intricate layout and property of theme customization. you can change chat themes as you like or you can use your own photo on chats as themes. Icons, badges and colors can vary according to your own choice. Personal choices matters for everyone. Personalisation is priority of everyone. So, Telegram x mod APK unlock is key to personalization.

Telegram app and Telegram x mod APK, both are secure with some salient differences. Both have same core security features , including end to end encryption Telegram x being a newer app, it might have a shorter track record in terms of security patches and vulnerability testing.

Telegram X might offer additional gesture controls for actions like swiping to forward messages, potentially making communication more convenient.

In a nutshell, With a smaller user base, Telegram X might have had less exposure to identify and fix potential issues compared to the established Telegram app.So, Telegram X offers a potentially faster and more streamlined experience for calls and messaging. But if you need all the latest features and prioritize a longer track record, the regular Telegram app might be a better choice.

Ultimately, trying both apps is the best way to see which one suits your calling and messaging needs better. Both apps offer secure messaging. Telegram X provides a potentially smoother and more customizable experience, while Telegram offers a familiar layout and a longer security track record.

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