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Telegram mod APK  for PC is an enhanced and versatile feature as well as app of Telegram app, which is most extensively used and downloaded worldwide. An instant source, Telegram mod APK is used by 500 Million+ users with end to end encrypted chats.

Its most favourite cross platform messaging and calling apps with fast and quick access. Intricate interface, fun creation, sharing of views, sending files and transporting information are vital qualities of Telegram mod APK for PC as well as Laptops and Windows. Its like a daily driver with following features.






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How to log into Pc

It’s incredibly easy to log into Telegram for Desktop using the Telegram app on your iOS or Android device: just scan the QR code that displays on the screen. You can utilize email verification if you don’t have the app loaded.

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You are thinking about downloading Telegram Mod Apk for pc, have a look at its uniqueness to ease your queries about it. It has almost features like that of Telgram Mod APK for mobie.


Telegram for windows or PC offers security with end to end encrypted chats and secret chats with your consent to reach the data you want to lock and it ensures maximum protection by allowing only certain people to access decided by the user.

Sharing of large files

No worries about file size, Telegram aids its users to share a large file of any type, either a video or a document. Telegram Mod Apk for PC enables the feature to send files of large size through your chats.

Voice Notes

For all those who haven’t any time to type, they can send long voice notes through PC during your working, a service offered by Telegram Mod Apk for PC.

Create your own channel

A unique feature of Telegram for PC is creation of your own channel for advertisement of any content and to increase public views. You can watch updates of other channels as well


Telegram for windows or Pc gives option to add rich hue to your chats or groups or channels by giving customization offer. You can design the layout of your app. Color, background and message bubbles can be patterned. Additionally, font size and size of bubble can be adjusted as well.

Group creation and statistics

Telegram for PC gives an opportunity to create a new group, customize it and then control group activity and statistics as well. Members activity, messages and other informations can be analyzed through it.

Maximum coverage

Through Telegram for PC, you can explore different channels, reach 1000s of people and broadcast to the maximum audience.


You can receive notifications of new messages, photos and videos on your PC  through Telegram for PC.

Multiple devices access

Telegram for windows or laptop renders you a great service by offering an enhanced feature to lo in you app in any PC or laptop or windows device. Multiple devices access is the most formidable feature given by Telegram like a piece of cake for its users.

Wide range of Languages

Telegram for Pc or windows covers wide variety of languages for text messages in app and you can switch your language easily with addition of emojis and stickers.

Free API integration

Telegram for desktop or PC enables free API integration and protocol for everyone. Thanks to Telegram for this improved feature.

Free of cost

Telegram Mod Apk for PC is free and there is no subscription fee. Moreover, you will have ad free experience.

Easy download

Telegram desktop is an easy app to download on laptop, PC, Windows or android systems. Simply by searching through Playstore you can access this app.

To put it in a nutshell, Telegram Mod Apk desktop or PC is a final answer to your worries regarding transfer of files and receiving and sending data with extreme ease just at one click button

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