Telegram vs messenger comparison Details 2024

In terms of communication through messaging, the choice lies between Telegram vs messenger. The question is messenger is part of Facebook or telegram owned by face Difference of Telegram and Facebook messenger,  telegram owned by Facebook, is messenger part of Facebook, does Facebook own telegram, is messenger part of Facebook, messenger data usage, advantage of telegram, Telegram messenger book? People wondered on difference of Telegram and Facebook messenger. 

When talked about effective tool to convey information, messages and data sharing, mind always has one thought to have a comparison of Telegram vs messenger. Let’s have an instant look at Telegram vs messenger.

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First and foremost preference of everyone in comparison is scope of anything. Telegram vs messenger.



User base

Telegram vs messenger, the widely used apps in the world, are both user based and user oriented apps with focus on reliability and easiness. What else is needed!

Design and layout

Telegram vs messenger presents a vivid picture when talked about design and layout. With its intricate and user friendly interface Telegram excels other app in its customer based themes and designs. Messenger of Facebook offers a soothing effect6 to eyes with its theme of blue and white and options displayed in a properly manner.

Security and privacy

I considered Telegram the most secure app in lieu of others, Telegram  latest version has given the most secure source to transmit information and share large files with data storage and safety. Its founders made it sure to make chats end to end encrypted before delivery to Telegram server. Your chats are protected and starting chat on on device, you can end it on another. Still, it’s secure and private. 

In contrast, Facebook messenger owned by Meta is also end to end encrypted, In this digital world, need of the hour is security and privacy in every matter of life. There are options of secret groups as well. The chat is secret between sender and receiver offering complete privacy.

Storage options

Telegram, an effective app, can send and receive large files, transfer data, manage storage and download and preserve data with cloud based storage. Data sharing in groups enables many people to view and save the same data. Group projects, worksheets and presentations can be managed through Telegram.

However, Messenger of Facebook offers cloud based back up with storage and sharing options of large files in internal storage of device used.

Telegram logo


  • Group chats
  • Ads disable facility
  • Messages deletion options
  • Icon changing option
  • Channels and bots
  • Username options
messenger logo


  • Group video chat
  • Extensive sticker library
  • File size limit
  • Deleting messages option
Telegram vs Messenger features image

In short, the choice of Telegram or messenger lies on individual selection and preferences. If the user prefers secrecy, varied features alongwith treat of multiple sharing, instinctively the fingers go to Telegram. But those who are more interested in social media integration and user oriented experience, messenger is the best choice. In the nutshell, communication is main purpose of telegram and messenger.

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