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I always wondered which messaging app is more easy to use and offer 100% guarantee of privacy of my personal info. I found a Premium Mod version of Telegram, Now it’s even easier for me to be in touch with my loved ones with Telegram app.

Telegram messenger, a fast and reliable source of communication, alias Telegram is a cross platform instant messaging service, launched for iOS on August 14, 2013 and for Android in October,2013

Telegram Mod APK at a glance

Available onPlaystore, app store, windows, macOS, linux, web browsers
Size74.35 MB
App pricefree
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A complete package for all its users, Telegram mod APK provides all the instant liabilities to its users under one umbrella. Telegram app constantly updates and keeps performance up to mark.

An app released just 10 years ago, is a massive success throughout the entire world with its 500 million active users and 3.7 rating and 100Cr+ downloads and falling into top 10 most downloaded Apps in the globe. Above all, easily available on App store and PlayStore as well. What else is needed!

In this hurley burly world of tumult and turmoil, It’s not an easy task  to find a messaging app which is fast and secure. Well, I found one mod version of Telegram to fulfill all my needs in one application because of the vast number of users it is easy for me to communicate.

I can even trade information like videos, links, docs, etc . In the galaxy of social networking, Telegram mod APK has emerged as a single solution to all the problems relating to communication and entertainment needs.

Gaining trust of millions of people, Telegram is real star with different upgraded versions available. You will never lose your data, like you start typing on your pc then continue with your smartphone. It is an easy way to exchange data all across the globe within seconds.


Telegram Premium Mod Apk unlocked

Telegram mod Apk premium unlocked is easy for use and an effective tool to communicate, converse and share all your information, views, news and fun chats. Telegram mod Apk premium has many versatile features and its utility has crossed the boundaries for ordinary user.

Premium features unlocked

Some Premium features in the MOD version:

Blend of uniqueness and variability

  • While using any applications ads are so irritating aren’t they?. Well you don’t need to be worried anymore because in our new mod version you can disable ads.
  •  Moreover, you can change signatures on your will, it will be a piece of cake for you.
  • In addition you can delete messages which are already sent. 
  • Not only this feature, Telegram mod APK also offers variety through icon changing to Premium. A lovely dessert!
  • Pinned chats have limit upto 10.
  • A blessing in disguise, you can create 20 chat folders.
  • No need to worry about captions, you can give featured unlock captions.
  • Furthermore, a premium badge is given (visible to you only)
  • 7 different variants available after latest update

Do you think of an app which is considered the best app for transmitting your messages and conversations? It proves to be an effective way of communication? Certainly, Telegram would be the best answer to this question.

It’s widely accepted that communication is involved in every nick and corner, in personal and public life as well. Telegram premium version would provide more ways to collaborate in this era of changing trends.

Speed is the matter of concern with instant delivery and reply in a chat. Telegram Mod Apk is speedy and flawless in rapid conversations.

You can know if the message is delivered or not and by the intent of the user, read receipt can also be enabled. 

Going back to a few years, the most widely used mean to communicate was SMS on domestic and international level. It was charged and we felt it difficult in the emergency situation or having no credit to pay for SMS.

Grateful we are to the advent of internet, that has shortened not only the distances but also made it cost effective to convey messages.

Telegram Premium version unlocked is a breakthrough that truly makes the difference. It is free of cost and can be used on any device.

Telegram mod APK Premium unlocked version offers a wide variety of tickers and GIFs with the option to animate and edit them and a full screen preview as an improvement in it.


  • Ads can be disable
  • Sponsor channels are blocked 
  • Premium unlocked 
  • Garbage classes removed
  • Anti delete 
  • Changed signatures


If I say telegram is the most trending messaging application these days, it’s undoubtedly true. Telegram mod APK is the most pleasant way to share your emotions and feelings with loved ones. Lets reveal the interesting facts about it.

Fast and Instant communication

When swiftness and flow of conversation is discussed, Telegram app is mentioned incredibly. With just one click to log in the app, Telegram helps you to share and exchange information fastest than ever. World has changed to a global village So, the trending and demanding thing around the globe is the instant way of communication when the minutes game is over. Now seconds have been considered. Telegram mod APK is a network providing final answer to the problems of connection among people.

Powerful and free

 Telegram Messenger states that its end goal is not to bring profit  but it is not structured as a non-profit organization. Telegram mod APK is totally free for its users guarantee a free API to be used. It’s open to create a bot and it is the most optimal tool for group activities as well.

A Secured source

I considered it the most secure app in lieu of others, Telegram mod APK latest version has given the most secure source to transmit information and share large files with data storage and safety.

Its founders made it sure to make chats end to end encrypted before delivery to Telegram server. Your chats are protected and starting chat on device, you can end it on another. Still, it’s secure and private. That’s the flavor of the top 10 most widely used messaging apps in the world.

Hidden chats

It has a new feature called secret chat in which we can keep our chats secret and automatically disappear in a while so you don’t have to worry about your conversations. The content you need to keep secure and secret is just one click away from being private through Telegram mod APK. With Telegram app on mobile or Telegram messenger on PC or laptop or access through browser, Secrecy is  maintained to share photos, videos and documents

Customized theme

 Telegram mod APK deserves praise for its different and intricate layout and property of theme customization. you can change chat themes as you like or you can use your own photo on chats as themes. Icons, badges and colors can vary according to your own choice. Personal choices matters for everyone so, Telegram app provides opportunity to color your own canvas through theme customization.

visual example of group chat

Group chats and meetings

Standing as a paramount, Telegram for all android, iOS, windows, smart TV, Google play offers group creation and addition of members Upto 2,00000 people and you need not to travel for office work and large meetings. Telegram arranges meeting rooms and facility of group chat, photo sharing, video downloading and voice calling.

Entertainment and Fun

Friend chat and fun sharing with edited emojis and stickers is an amusing task and Telegram app is a live wire for it. It is an effective tool for entertainment and support its users by giving option of GIFs and sticker creation. 

image of chats
banner of easy to use

Easy to use

An app for its easy use, Telegram is secure, private and easy to handle With its transparency of service, its mod version has a unique blend of accuracy, privacy and facility. You can access anyone everywhere and anytime.

Download and send large files

Telegram mod Apk version can send and receive large files, transfer data, manage storage and download and preserve data with cloud based storage. Data sharing in groups enables many people to view and save the same data. Group projects, worksheets and presentations can be managed through Telegram mod APK. Offices, institutions and large business groups can equally benefit from this most widely used app.


If you ask one thing which is reliable, my answer would be Telegram mod Apk at once and for good. The most trusted app worldwide Telegram app, is well grounded throughout the world of technology and advancement.

Its reliability can be estimated as 400 million users use it daily. with sender and receiver as participants only, no intervention of any third party. From business deals to private matters, Telegram premium version with its validity has ensured its users by providing a feature; not to store messages on its server by default. Speed, security and Privacy are its best premises.

Extra features

Photo editing option: 

Image editing option is an additional treat by Telegram. Whoever wants to share pictures with more detailing along with fun inducing filters, stickers and effects, finds Telegram Premium unlocked as tempting as a dessert.

Intricate interface:

I admit that Telegram mod APK unlocked has variable functions and well knit features along with its well positioned design and interface easy to comprehend.

  • Repost other stories.
  • Chat background can be changed
  • Highlight code
  • Video messages on stories
  • Customized emojis
  • Telegram bots
  • Mute messages
  • Auto deletion
  • Clear Telegram cache
  • Transcribe video to text
  • Send uncompressed media
  • New drawing and text tools.
  • Additional reactions
  • Chat preview
  • Auto saving




Telegram channel is where users can broadcast personal programs, photos, videos, or even do business. You can completely make it private if you only want to post personal information or make it public for sales or other purposes. A versatile application like this is really worth everyone’s consideration and use.

WhatsApp, I think.

Absolutely yes. Telegram is the main service application in the user’s work. Therefore, the application ensures absolute confidentiality of information and data. Users can rest assured that information will not be leaked to the outside. Besides, Telegram also tightens your data protection system to avoid data and information being stolen.